• Sleek 5" : Pack N Play
  • Sleek 5" : Pack N Play
  • Sleek 5" : Pack N Play
  • Sleek 5" : Pack N Play
  • Sleek 5" : Pack N Play

FreeToM Prosthetics

Sleek 5" : Pack N Play

Sleek 5" : Pack N Play

$ 97.00

Light Skin
Chay Ree
Warm Rosy Skin
Light Brown
Medium Skin
The Golden Beige
Olive Skin
Dark Brown
Warm Tan Skin
Dark Tan Skin
Dark Skin
Dark Chocolate


The Sleek Pack N Play prosthetic is 5" in length and is 4 1/2" in girth. When it comes to the Sleek, less is more. It was specifically designed for those who want more room in their pants, aren't use to packing, or just want something a little more slim. The Sleek is the perfect prosthetic for those who think it might be too much to get a bigger size. Its functions are: Packing and Playing! It was deliberately designed to fold in the middle, to make packing much easier. All of our prosthetics are molded off of volunteer cis males, for an ultra realistic look. The hollow rod that comes inside the prosthetic is acid, fungal and bacteria building resistant. All hollow rods inside are removable for proper cleaning and sturdy enough for play. The hollow rod inside also allows you to bend the prosthetic in whichever position you'd like and can also be bent downward for comfortable packing. 
This particular model of prosthetic does not come with a pleasure slide.

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