• "The Buddy" Packer
  • "The Buddy" Packer
  • "The Buddy" Packer
  • "The Buddy" Packer
  • "The Buddy" Packer
  • "The Buddy" Packer

FreeToM Prosthetics

"The Buddy" Packer

"The Buddy" Packer

$ 89.00

Light Brown
Dark Brown
The Golden Beige
Medium Skin
Olive Skin
Warm Rosy Skin
Warm Tan Skin
Dark Tan Skin
Dark Skin
Dark Chocolate
Light Skin


"The Buddy" is an ultra realistic design that was molded off of a cis male. It is 3.5" in length and 4" in girth around. The Buddy is extremely detailed and is very handsome to look at. It reflects perfect detail of a flaccid penis in every way. The Buddy is made of 100% Platinum silicone and is easy to care for. All FreeToM Prosthetics can be washed with soap and water. This prosthetic is safe to swim with, go to the gym, bike and any other physical activities you can think of. We always recommend using fitted underwear to wear this with, and packer harnesses also work well. You'll always be satisfied knowing you have "The Buddy" around when you need it.


Note: The buyer must be aware of this before purchasing. This sometimes also comes out with nicks on the back of the head. However, these errors are extremely tiny and don't effect the prosthetics longevity or aesthetics. 

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