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To the community, by Dominick Attilano: As of recently we have been hearing and seeing a lot of rumors spreading through the grape vine about Hardline pros. Because we have chosen to remain mainly silent about the situation, unfortunately some people started making up suggestions and reasons for our absence. It is true that we had a time period when our orders were late and the community needs an explanation. As of now, we are Shining bright and completely caught up on orders. But that's not how it always was.  

Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to legally speak about Hardline Prosthetics in a slandering manner. However, we can deny certain things that aren't true and speak on our behalf.

We do not have any affiliation with the company Hardlinepros, Ryan Swenson, Mandy Melson or Autry Carrey. We did not give our permission to use our intellectual property or to take access to our instagram. Our instagram last year, before we lost access to it, was our only means of marketing. Our trade secrets and things that make us unique are always protected under legal confidentiality contracts. Our owner no longer has access to the contracts signed by all his employees and they are missing from his computer. 

There were times when some of my employees would come to my home and work their shifts there. This was often, as sometimes there was animosity between certain coworkers and because I was incredibly busy with new products, my marriage and my community: it made life easier to have employees doing tasks in my home. This was always considered a privilege to my most trusted employees and I fortunately had cameras throughout my home. 

There was over 500 orders that had already been purchased over the holidays last year that had suddenly gone missing from my shop, my signed employee contracts were gone and I was still very emotional as my marriage was ending. At the end of the day, I was able to bring freetom back to it's feet, refund as many customers as I could, stay in business and learn a few lessons.Trust is one of them. I have learned that in this world sometimes it's best to have a backup plan, not give anyone all the keys to your life and to always be prepared to take a hit and then get back up. 

Fortunately for me, I ended up falling in love with my Best friend and now partner Gillian who is my right hand at FreeToM. Everything that you see and touch is hand made by the two of us. Going from a crew of at times 14 to a crew of 2 (because Kat does our online customer service sometimes), has been interesting to say the least. But it's been fun and we are letting the public into our lives more and more so that you can really see who is behind the magic of what we make :) I love my community and I would never do anything or be able to sleep at night if I intentionally screwed someone over. I don't know how others can do it, but what I can say is this: I believe that what goes around comes around and that's one of the main reasons why I am always striving to be the best person I can be. 

This isn't the first time someone has copied, stolen or used my work to make themselves money and use my community.....but you know what? It's the last. I will never let this happen again and I am in the process of holding everyone accountable for their actions and for the public to truly see what happened. Not just for our reputation, but so they can be protected from other companies who are using the community as money bags. 

My name is Dominick Attilano. I am 30 years old, and I make prosthetic weens for a living. I have always come up with amazing inventions for the community and I will continue to do so. I just need to learn how to patent stuff now lol :D 

Thank you all for your understanding and listening to my part of the story. I'm sorry it's not in detail, but as I mentioned earlier, soon the public will know the truth in detail and I won't have to afraid to tell anyone what was done to me, my customers or this company. 

I care for you all and that's the reason I didn't just roll over and file bankruptcy. I want to continue to make amazing products that change peoples lives and nothing will stop me from helping people. 

I hope everyone enjoys the NEW website and the new features that are on it. It's not perfect, but it's home to me. Thank you all for listening and I hope that this message can be passed along the next time someone mentions the awful events that took place last year. 

I am currently no longer employing anyone else and I will continue to run FreeToM with my partner and my other best friend: Kinickie. Ferrets deserve jobs too 



Dominick Attilano 

Owner and Founder of FreeToM Prosthetics LLC

Since 2014

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