FreeToM Prosthetics New Overstock Items on Sale RIGHT NOW!

Posted: Dec 02 2015

 Starts at MIDNIGHT!


Here's your chance to finally get the FreeToM Prosthetic you've always wanted ... and at a Holiday Season price!


All products in this section are updated daily and will show "out of stock" if it is no longer available. So make sure you have your credit cards ready and act fast!


All Clearance products are ready to ship but take up to 3-8 business days to be tested, washed, packaged and then finally shipped. Remember, we have a new and much better shipping partnership. You will get your package on time!


Our team of prosthetic designers and artists are extremely talented but not every prosthetic comes out perfect! We've created this section to offer you prosthetics that have come out of the mold less than perfect. That way you can get yourself an authentic FreeToM at a much lower cost.



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