STP 2 in 1: Pack and Pee Prosthetic

All Prosthetics in this section are made to order. 
The 2 in 1 Pack and Pee medical prosthetic was created for an individual who will only use the prosthetic to pack and pee (for our 4 in 1 prosthetics see 4 in 1 Prosthetics). For the 2 in 1, the silicone is much softer and much more lifelike than any of the other prosthetics that we offer. This prosthetic is very comfortable to wear and is perfect for the gym, swimming and any other physical activity. The 2 in 1 prosthetic is not meant for play because it's not as firm as our 4 in 1. The 2 in 1 has a much softer shaft and fleshy testicles; making it more comfortable and form fitting. 

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