.5cc Clothing

Point 5cc is more than just t-shirts: it’s about pride in our identities

"Point 5cc was established in 2011 to help raise money for owner Aydian Dowling’s “Top surgery” (removal of breast tissue). After the completion of this fundraising, Aydian decided to keep Point 5cc open as a way to give back to the community that had given to him. Point5cc, the first of its kind, is a stealth clothing company designed to highlight transgender commonalities and create a sense of pride. Point5cc developed the first binder exchange program that has been adopted by LGBT centers around the United States. The program supplies free binders to those in need throughout the community. 

Another way Point 5cc gives back to the community is by hosting a Transgender Surgery Fund annually, which is now open for both transgender identifying men and women. Point 5cc clothing has been worn by notable advocates such as Dan Savage of the It Gets Better Project, as well as Buck Angel. Point5cc is also a special feature on the Matthew Shepard Foundation youth website called Matthews Place.

The vision of Point 5cc, is to take things that only people within the transgender community would understand, and put them on a shirt! Tee Shirt themes are inspired by things that one transgender or allied individual may understand, and a non-supporter would not typically know about. This allows YOU to sport your pride in awesome artistic ways without being “outed” or discriminated against. Each and every tee shirt sold will make our community stronger by bringing us all together to build friendships that will make our transgender family noticeably bigger than ever before.

Every shirt order received is specially made for YOU by US! Each design is hand drawn/created by US for YOU. We take great pride in our community and with these tee shirts, YOU can too! Check Out the tee shirt Section and order YOUR favorite Point5cc tee shirt!"