This generation of STP's by TOM TOM is amazing! Packing is lighter, and urinating is easy and CLEAN! All of our STP's are now made to be thinner in the shaft for easier packing and thinner in the RIGHT places, so you have STABILITY & COMFORT. It won't fold in your hands or be bulky while packing either. They're the perfect combination of comfort & functionality. 
 The Robin Hood STP is full of realistic wrinkles, folds and looks all around perfect. It is 4.5" long and 4" in girth. Our signature cup is designed differently. Made to have urine effortlessly pass through, you'll never get urine stuck in the testicles again. All our STP's now have the realistic urethra, that opens at the tip for easy and natural urination. Just like it should be! 
To urinate successfully with this STP you have two options:
The two handed option: Press the bottom of the cup (under the balls) lightly to yourself to create a seal. Then with your other hand open the urethra by gently pinching the head. 
The one handed option: Take the triangular flap of silicone at the end of the prosthetic and tuck it into the crack of your buttocks. Make sure you feel a total seal of the cup before you start to urinate. Now you are free to use one hand to control the urethra opening by gently squeezing the head of the prosthetic.
Note: To eliminate possibilities of back flow, always point your prosthetic downwards so the funnel may work properly.  

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