Clearance Section

Here's your chance to finally get that prosthetic you've always wanted! All products in this section are updated daily and will show "out of stock" if it is no longer available.

All Clearance products are ready to ship but take up to 17 business days to be tested, washed, packaged and then finally shipped. Our team of prosthetic designers and artists are extremely talented but not every prosthetic comes out perfect! We've created this section to offer you prosthetics that have come out of the mold less than perfect. That way you can enjoy our prosthetics at a much lower cost. 

 All prosthetics sold in CLEARANCE may or may not have complete descriptions of all defects. Please take into consideration all the defects your prosthetic may or may not have from the list below.
Minor imperfections may include: Small air bubbles on the surface creating a tiny indent, no pleasure slide, a tiny nick from processing, small hints of color (possibly from the airbrush artists picking up  prosthetic with paint on their gloves), color not quite matching our color scale, wide urethra opening, too roughly cut out of the mold giving the edge of the prosthetic an uneven lining on the cup (rough cuts are something we pride ourselves in and show our dedication to our hand made work, but sometimes the artist can't help how rough the cut is). 
All of our prosthetics are made entirely by hand and we assure you, we will not sell something that seems odd or too defective. 
Clearance items can not be painted! If a Paint Plus Upgrade is purchased, you will receive an email stating that this can not be done, and refunded for the Paint Plus Upgrade. Please keep this in mind while purchasing your clearance item.
Please note that there is a difference between clearance items and on sale items.  Clearance items will say "CLEARANCE" in the product name and will be ready made with defects.  On sale items are simply products that we have temporarily lowered the price on because of overstock.

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