TOM TOM: Natty Average 5" 4 IN 1

NEW From Tom Tom: The Natty Average!
Nothing can describe the detail in this prosthetic, like it's pictures. The Natty Average takes realistic to another level. With the beautifully crafted funnel and the detail that sits on the shaft, it's sure to be the one you're looking for. The Natty Average is only 5" long and 5" in girth. If you've always wanted something around the same size of the sleek, but want the Natural look, then The Natty Average is for you! 
With the NEW GEN design of the cup, it's easier than ever to pee with! 
It's functions are: pack, pee, play and pleasure. It was deliberately designed to fold in the middle, to make packing much easier and has a sturdy enough cup for urination. All of our prosthetics are molded off of volunteer cis males for an ultra realistic look.
The hollow rod that comes inside the prosthetic is acid, fungal and bacteria building resistant. All hollow rods inside are removable for proper cleaning and sturdy enough for play. The hollow rod inside also allows you to bend the prosthetic in whichever position you'd like and can also be bent downward for comfortable packing. The FtM Pleasure Slide is also molded into the prosthetic itself and was designed to slide up and down the FtM genitalia.

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