After the sale is over we will be shutting down again for construction to prep for our GRAND REOPENING coming soon. Get them while you can! 

Everything sold in this section will be shipped the same day, if purchased during business hours. 

Our hours of operation are: Tuesday-Thursday



Note: We will be closed September 1st until the 20th

Clearance items, New items and Slight Imperfections are all on this page. Please be aware that all Clearance and Slight Imperfections items DO NOT come with a ROD. We would not be able to afford this sale otherwise. 

1) New items come with a rod and are are 100% functional

2) Slight Imperfections are 98% perfect and didn't make it to the NEW list. Please see our Slight Imperfections page for more information on this. 

3) Clearance items have been repaired and are also functional. Please see our Clearance page for more details.