Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Read Before Purchase

What color do I choose?

We recommend choosing a shade darker than your skin tone, because male genitalia is darker than overall skin tone. We are unable to provide color recommendations to our customers. We recommend purchasing our Silicone Sample Color Pack or using this color wheel for help determining your skin tone.
What's the status of my order?
The statuses are: Molding, Demolding, Cutting, Paint Plus Upgrade (optional), Quality Control, Packaging, and Shipping. We do not have a system in place at this time to alert you to which stage your prosthetic is at, but we hope to be able to provide this service in the future.  If you choose to create an account with us, you can log in to see whether your order is "unfulfilled" meaning it is still in production, or "fulfilled" meaning it has been shipped.
Where's my tracking number?
Already Mae & Clearance items take 2-15 business days (this does not include weekends and holidays), due to needing final quality control and testing before ship out.  
Made to order items take approx. 30-60 business days to make (that translates to around or over 50 calendar days), not including weekends or holidays! Once they are finished, we send a shipping confirmation email that is has shipped. The shipping confirmation email will provide you with a tracking number.
Made to Order Paint Plus Upgrade adds an additional 30 business days to the order
My order should have shipped by now, what's taking so long?
Our prosthetics must pass our Quality Control Department or subject are subject to be remade. Although remaking them delays the ship out date by 2-3 business weeks, we highly value quality and want our customers to be satisfied with their prosthetic and have a longer-lasting durable prosthetic. If your order has been delayed due to Quality Control we ask for your patience and understanding in our company that it is in your best interest and we are doing our best to provide the highest quality prosthetic we possibly can.
How are your orders shipped?  Are they discrete?
Our orders are shipped in plain white boxes with a shipping label that includes our return address listed under "Freetom Warehouse."  Our international orders are shipped with required commercial invoices and packing slips attached to the outside of the box in a plastic sleeve for customs.  These forms, by law, must list the items ordered and they must reflect the actual value of the items.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  
Is a signature required on deliver?
A signature is not required the domestic packages shipped through Fedex.  This means that if you are not available when a delivery attempt is made, the package may be left by your door.  We are not responsible for packages that are taken as a result of being left in this manner.  If you would like us to mark the package as requiring a signature on delivery, let us know before the order ships.  International orders are also now shipped through Fedex. will require a signature on delivery. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are shipped through USPS.
What are rough cuts?
Rough cuts are normal and occur when the prosthetic comes out of the mold, we literally have to cut it away from the excess silicone. These edges don't affect the function of the prosthetic at all and are again perfectly normal. Refunds will not be given for prosthetics with these normal features.
What is the Pleasure Slide?
The Pleasure Slide is the textured area on the top inner wall of the prosthetic that is meant to come into contact with the user's genitals during play.  We have three different textures for this area as seen below.  Some of our models will have several Pleasure Slide texture options, and some models only have one Pleasure Slide texture.  If you are concerned about which Pleasure Slide you will receive, feel free to contact us before purchasing and we will let you know what options exist for the model you are interested in.  
I've just received my prosthetic and it is too big/ small?
Our prosthetics are measured accurately and we list dimensions in each product description. If you feel it is too big/ small go ahead and send us an image of your prosthetic next to a measuring tape/ ruler and we can determine size. From there, we will take the next corrective course of action.
Can I change/ cancel my order?
Our FreeTom Ordering Policy states: "Orders can be cancelled within 48 hours of being placed.  After that point we cannot cancel or refund them.  All sales are final sale & cannot be returned or exchanged for sanitation reasons."
Will the paint come off of my Pre-Painted Prosthetic? 
Paint is meant to be permanent, but we cannot guarantee longevity of the paint on our prosthetic. It may peel or fade with time, due to rough use, tight clothing, inadequate washing, etc and the customer should take this into consideration before purchase.  We do not recommend using cornstarch to powder the painted prosthetics as we have seen customers experience early peeling due to cornstarch.  We recommend only using talc-free body powders.  
Are your prosthetics safe for sex?
For legal purposes we cannot recommend our prosthetics for sex or guarantee their safety, as everyone's body is different and handles sex differently. Our prosthetics are made of 100% Platinum silicone which is safe for skin contact. Inside our 4 in 1 prosthetic we have a bendable rod; we are not responsible for the functionality of our prosthetics while being used for sexual intercourse. Our prosthetics are made to be used with the use of a condom only at your own risk. Water based materials only.
What products should I avoid using with my prosthetic?
We do not recommend using products which contain silicone with your prosthetic as silicone can damage or ruin them.  Watch out for lubes, soaps, or other products that contain silicone.  Take care chosing soaps as there are a number of silicone ingredients in common products that may have weird or unrecognizable names such as cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane, dimethicone, or trimethicone.  
Can your prosthetics be glued on?
They are not meant to be glued on but some people do.We do not sell glue in our store. 
What kind of payments do you accept? 
We only accept payment with debit and credit cards only.
Where do you ship and which courier do you use?
We ship internationally and domestic! Domestic packages are shipped via FedEx to physical addresses only (unable to deliver to PO boxes) and international orders are shipped with USPS.  International shipping excludes duties and taxes at destination.  Customers are responsible for understanding any shipping and customs regulations that they are subject to in their country and which may prohibit the delivery of their items, as well as potential costs incurred by customs.
What is normal looking for a prosthetic?
Because all products are hand-made, they have features such as: skin folds, tiny air bubbles, bumps on the testicles, rough cuts, and some have foreskin on the tip. These features will not affect the aesthetics of the prosthetic, and refunds will not be given for prosthetics with these normal features.
My prosthetic doesn't have the color variation like the picture! It's all one color! Did something go wrong?
Most of our stock photos are of prosthetics with Paint Plus Upgrade. This does not mean that all prosthetics will be made with Paint Plus Upgrades. Our prosthetics are made one flat color (the skin tone that you choose on the product page), and are painted after being made if a Paint Plus Upgrade is purchased. If your order does not say "Comes With Paint" or "Pre- painted" it will come in a flat color, unless a Paint Plus Upgrade is purchased.
Please note: Already Made and Clearance items can not be painted. Please refrain from purchasing a Paint Plus Upgrade with these items.
My package still isn't here!  Did it get lost?
Once your package has been taken by carriers FedEx or DHL, it is the responsibility of the carrier to make sure it gets to the customer on time and intact. The best thing for our customers to do is to use the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email to follow the progress of the package.  For international orders, your package may stop in customs and require further payment (duties and taxes) to be delivered to you.  This information will be provided on the tracking page on  If you feel your package has been lost, we recommend waiting up to 3 weeks for your package to be found, as many packages usually are after this time period. If after 3 weeks it has not been found, please contact us by clicking here!
Do you offer a warranty for your products?
Different people take different care of their prosthetics. Some treat is like a body part and wash it every day up to 3x a day like they would a real penis. Some individuals use it to urinate, play, pleasure and the bodily substances are washed off weekly or only during 'activity' which is harmful and can damage the prosthetic if not properly cleaned. We would love to offer a warranty but cannot assume all people will treat their prosthetic with proper care, even if they claim they do. For this reason, we are still considering a warranty in the future, but currently do not have one.

Why is my prosthetic not the exact measurement or shade that I ordered?
All of our prosthetics are hand-made and may have organic variations in size ranging the prosthetic from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch, and ranging the shade from lighter to darker within one color. This is normal for hand-made items and are distinct differences that come with making in item from scratch.

*Refunds will not be given for prosthetics with these normal features.

How do you measure the length of the prosthetics?
Our prosthetics are measured from the very back of the shaft (where it would begin to protrude from a person's body) to the tip of the head.  Here are two examples images of how our Rogue 5.5" model would be measured:

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