All of our prosthetics may be worn with briefs or harnesses and is the individuals personal preference. Our Rodeoh collection is the best selling harnesses for our products and we highly recommend them. Click here to view our Rodeoh Collection or for more options, visit their website at www.rodeoh.com
Below are also links to websites which carry harnesses we recommend for your prosthetic. All of our prosthetics will work with the following harnesses and can be found at the websites below:



RodeoH's are the new way to strap-on. Beyond being stylish and sexy, they are significantly more comfortable than any other harness on the market. Slip on like a pair of underwear and wear all day. No time is wasted buckling and fastening with rodeoHs. Experience a closer connection between you and your partner with just cotton between you. We have found optimal toy dimensions to be 5"-6" length by 1 1/2"-2" width. Like any pair of underwear, they will not last forever, but you can increase their longevity by treating them with care. Machine or hand wash and hang to dry. & if you have absolutely any questions, don't hesitate to connect with them. We highly recommend the RodeoH Harness to be used with our products. 



Tool Shed Toys: The Tool Shed is a comfortable environment with a variety of toys that are made of body-safe, quality materials. We recommend their harnesses on their website and they can be found at an affordable price. 



Peecock Products: Peecock Products is a company that have very comprehensive and affordable products. We highly recommend Peecock Products harnesses, as they very good quality and very comfortable! Their prices are posted on their website and below is a link to their website.