Refund Policy

This is our REFUND policy PLEASE READ as it is also part of our FAQ and terms or Service. 

Our FreeTom Ordering Policy states: "All sales are final at moment of purchase, and cannot be returned or exchanged for sanitation reasons". We purchase the silicone to make the order and because they are ALL HANDMADE they start being MADE AS SOON AS YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE. If you choose to exchange your order BEFORE it ships, you may qualify for IN STORE CREDIT only or an exchange for another prosthetic. You may not exchange it for something of lesser value of your purchase price. Money left offer from an exchange will be given in an online gift card." 

Reasons refunds will not be given in addition to the above:

1) Not being satisfied with color or size

2) Not being shipped quickly because of EMERGENCY or HOLIDAY circumstances PLEASE READ BELOW

3) Not being able to use the prosthetic properly or feel you should have chosen a different type (we will work with all our customers who feel this way. It is a case by case basis)

 4) Shipping to the wrong address (any address that your order is shipped to is input by the customer upon checkout into our computer system. We are not responsible for shipping to the wrong address if it is input into our system) However, we will work with you if you happen to move suddenly and we receive the prosthetic back. This is a case by case basis and we ALWAYS want to do what's best for our customer. 

5) If your prosthetic is stolen or lost in the mail (this is also case by case situation and we will do our best to work with all our customers because we know that you NEED your prosthetic. We will try and work with you AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. However, there are people who have tried to get an additional prosthetic by claiming this)

6) If you use your prosthetic not as instructed and hurt yourself in using it incorrectly or NOT as a novelty item. They are sold as novelty items only and not meant for skin to skin contact or sexual intercourse. 

7) If your package is shipped but it hasn't arrived yet

8) If you choose the wrong color or size by mistake (we also try to work with our customers on this as sometimes an honest mistake can be resolved) 

9) If you have to wait the protocol WAITING TIME to receive your prosthetic in case of emergency or holiday. 

10) If you changed your mind suddenly after purchase (as we start making them immediately to keep up with such high demand) 

11) If you receive the wrong prosthetic or color. You will be able to keep the prosthetic that was sent to you if this happens (happens very rarely) but we will send you the correct one FREE OF CHARGE if it is OUR mistake and you may possibly qualify for a gift card or discount on your next purchase. :) 

The best ways to contact us for more questions please contact us at the below email and messenger addresses. 

fretomcustomerservice@gmail.com & Instagram Messenger is the best!


All Ready To Ship items leave the shop within 3-11 business days unless we have an emergency circumstance (read below) or if it is the holiday season. ALL OUR PROSTHETICS ARE HAND MADE AND TAKE LONGER TO MAKE BECAUSE OF THE SPECIAL REALISM AND QUALITY WE PROVIDE. This allows us to double check orders, update our inventory, package and ship your order properly.  :) We only ship on business days in the evenings. During the holiday season, all Ready To Ship items will ship within 5-35 business days depending on demand, and sometimes up to 120 business days if it's during the holiday season. We will issue a full refund if we cannot fulfill your order within 6 months if your order falls under the HOLIDAY or EMERGENCY Circumstances. For ALL EMERGENCY CIRCUMSTANCES PLEASE READ BELOW. 

Holiday season is October 1st until- May 31st: Buying within these times frames will make your order a holiday order. 

Our hours of operation are:

Tuesday-Thursday 4pm-10pm Pacific time. 

1) Why is my order late and what do I do? What is an EMERGENCY circumstance?

We are a small business and are a team of 3 creative people. All orders will be shipped out ON TIME unless in the case of the following reasons that we consider EMERGENCY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

  1. Natural disasters or Inclement weather/ delivery/ postal service backup,pandemic, delivery charges being raised without warning, suppliers being held up for the reasons above. 

  2. Unexpected damage/functionality/shortage of space to our shop or supplies. 

  3. Unexpected shift in staff such as: changing staff, staff not showing up, staff getting sick or training staff about new products in the shop

  4. Late shipments from OUR suppliers such as: Silicone, Sanitization items (isopropyl alcohol, paper towels, prosthetic cleaner, Boxes, Bags, Rods ect...

  5. Unforeseen events that could hold up production such as instagram hacking, site malfunction, staff or owners being held up somewhere for an emergency circumstance (funeral, flight ect). 

  6. Theft or vandalism of inventory or supplies. (This includes ALL things that are to make the prosthetics such as silicone, molds, equipment ect.)

  7. During special holidays or past Business Hours

If your order is late for any of these reasons there is nothing we can do to speed up the process of your order. We do not do refunds if your order is late for any of the previous reasons. We can assure you that we WANT to send out packages as fast as we can and will have it sent out ASAP. If your order is late, it will be shipped out no later than 90 business days (this does not include holidays or weekends) after your order is placed unless there is a special circumstance. All those who have orders that are passed the 90 business day mark WILL BE ELIGIBLE for a FULL REFUND depending on the emergency circumstance (or if your prosthetic is already being made), unless during the HOLIDAY SEASON OR if it is painted. ALL PAINTED ITEMS ARE HAND PAINTED BY ARTISTS AND IF LATE WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND AFTER 6 MONTHS MAX, as well as all LATE EMERGENCY ITEMS. After 6 months if FreeToM has not been able to ship your package you will receive a full 100% refund no questions asked. (we have never had to make a customer wait this long) 

For the status of your order please contact us at freetomcustomerservice@gmail.com and we will respond within 5-15 business days during business hours as we are a small short staffed company. For quicker responses please contact us on instagram. 


2) Can I change/cancel my order?

Our FreeToM Ordering Policy states: "All sales are final at moment of purchase, and cannot be returned or exchanged for sanitation reasons. If you choose to exchange your order BEFORE it ships, you qualify for IN STORE CREDIT only. If you decide to exchange for an item of lesser value, you will be issued a gift card code for the difference."