Strictly Enforced Shipping TImes

As of November 2020 we are now having a Strictly Enforced shipping schedule, so you know where your product is at all times and when it's coming! Instead of telling you it takes this many business days or that many business days and having you anxiously wait, we are scheduling the actual DATES in which ALL prosthetics placed during certain dates WILL be picked up by our Shipping Carriers. Note: We have a 3-5 business day grace period within our ship out dates because we are a team of 2 people :) 

The only thing we cannot control is how busy the shipping carriers are, and because we are too far and have too many packages to take to the post office, we really rely on our shipping carriers to stick to our scheduled ship out times. If for some reason they stop shipping to a certain country last minute, raise their rates, cancel a large pickup, reschedule a pickup for us or if they are booked on the days we need to ship; we will do ALL WE CAN to get them to the drop off points as soon as possible. Holidays and Covid have DEFINITELY changed our carriers punctuality but they are working with us as best they can :) Remember, even though we have our enforced shipping schedule, we still have emergency back up plans in case things happen that aren't in our control. Please take the time to read the FAQ before purchasing. All Painted items will be shipped within 1 week AFTER ship out times. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This NEW schedule gives us soooo much time to make sure each individual package & product is shipped on time with LOVE  as promised and gives us more time to create new things. 

Please see our Terms of Service for more information. 


Here is the month of November, December, January & February Strictly Enforced Ship Out Dates. Note: We have a 3-5 business day grace period within our ship out dates because we are a team of 2 people :) 


  1. Orders placed between the 26th of December until January 11th will ship out on January 24th. 
  2. All orders placed after January 20th until January 24th will ship out on February 5th. 
  3. All orders placed on our Valentines Day Sale will ship out on or BEFORE February 8th with Priority Mail and Next Day Shipping Available. 

All further shipping will be updated in advanced. Happy Holidays everyone!