Tragic Events of 2019


Unfortunately the rumors are true, FreeToM has been robbed and our Instagram with almost 9 Thousand Followers was hacked and our shop was robbed.  2 of our employees have taken it upon themselves to steal FreeToM's Instagram, Designs & Products. The owner of FreeToM Prosthetics was extremely saddened to hear this news and honestly just goes to show the true character of people. We are a small home grown company in Portland, and all of Dominick Attilano's ideas were founded in HIS garage 6 years ago. However, as sad as this situation is, FreeToM will continue with NEW products and finish this year STRONGER THAN EVER and this betrayal will not effect our sales or the company. :) We have new employees, a new Instagram and are handling orders quickly as always! 

For our NEW Instagram please follow us @freetompros 

Thank you for all your support!

In return for our loyal followers, we will be having our CUSTOMER LOYALTY SALE, all the month of DECEMBER. $75 off your entire order for all our LOYAL customers. 


Codeatcheckout: therealfreetompros