Everything you loved about the Biggens, minus the bulk. Our NEW Biggens 4 in 1 is easier to pack with, pee with and play with!

The Biggens 4-in-1 prosthetic is 8" in length and tapers off to 6 1/4" in girth. The testicles and the detail on this prosthetic is everything! It's functions are: pack, pee, play and pleasure. It was deliberately designed to fold in the middle, to make packing much easier and has a sturdy enough cup for urination. The Biggens is unique though because inside is a unique design that allows is to bend easily but also firm enough for play. All of our prosthetics are molded off of volunteer cis males for an ultra realistic look an the Biggens is definitely one of our most favored prosthetics! The hollow rod that comes inside the prosthetic is acid, fungal and bacteria building resistant. All hollow rods inside are removable for proper cleaning and sturdy enough for play. The hollow rod inside also allows you to bend the prosthetic in whichever position you'd like and can also be bent downward for comfortable packing. The FtM Pleasure Slide is also molded into the prosthetic itself and was designed to slide up and down the FtM genitalia 

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