Slight Imperfections: Gen 2 Buddy " 3.5" STP
Slight Imperfections: Gen 2 Buddy " 3.5" STP
Slight Imperfections: Gen 2 Buddy " 3.5" STP
Slight Imperfections: Gen 2 Buddy " 3.5" STP
Slight Imperfections: Gen 2 Buddy " 3.5" STP
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$ 137.00

Slight Imperfections: Gen 2 Buddy " 3.5" STP

 The Buddy STP is a FreeToM Classic Made NEW! 

 The GEN 2 Buddy STP is the easiest STP to use and the most realistic. It's not too big and not too small! Made with 100% Platinum silicone and comfortable to fit in underwear without a bulge. Molded off cis male genitalia and hand crafted to fit comfortably. The lip around the cup was specifically made so urine doesn't spill out and was made durable enough for everyday use. This prosthetic is soft, but firm enough so it won't collapse while urinating. No harness is required to wear this and it's extremely comfortable! The NEW butt crack seal is sure to please, not letting any urine escape. Take it slow and let the Buddy do the rest.
All our STP's now have the realistic urethra, that opens at the tip for easy and natural urination. Just like it should be! 

Some Buddy STP's have slightly shorter triangle flap than the others. It does not effect the functionality of the prosthetic at all. Some come more pointed than others.

To urinate successfully with this STP you have two options:
The two handed option: Press the bottom of the cup (under the balls) lightly to yourself to create a seal. Then with your other hand open the urethra by gently pinching the head. 
The one handed option: Take the triangular flap of silicone at the end of the prosthetic and tuck it into the crack of your buttocks. Make sure you feel a total seal of the cup before you start to urinate. Now you are free to use one hand to control the urethra opening by gently squeezing the head of the prosthetic.
Note: To eliminate possibilities of back flow, always point your prosthetic downwards so the funnel may work properly.  

All products for sale in this section have Slight Imperfections that are BARELY noticeable and 100% functional. Because they are not defective enough for our clearance section and are slightly less perfect for our NEW items section, we have made our "Slight Imperfections" section.

Slight Imperfections Items DO NOT COME WITH A ROD because they are so HIGHLY discounted. We could not afford these prosthetics at these prices otherwise. :(