Our Volunteers are shipping these out usually SAME DAY!! Get them while you can before we close! 

Our NEW HERO Pack N Play line is coOur Volunt
eers are shipping these out usually SAME DAY!! Get them while you can before we close! oler than ever!  Less bulky, and more silicone in the right spots for your pleasure. They come with testicles but they are cut short, so there's no suction noise and they're easier to pack with!  The All Natural prosthetic is 6 1/2" in length and tapers off to 5 1/2" in girth. The testicles and foreskin on this prosthetic are everything!  All of our prosthetics are molded off of volunteer cis males for an ultra realistic look an the All Natural is definitely the most realistic prosthetic we sell!  
*Pack N Play models cannot be used to pee.
All prosthetics in this section are painted and ready to ship! Just choose your skin tone, and your prosthetic will arrive with extremely realistic and lasting paint! Getting a painted prosthetic is easy! Colors may actually be lighter or darker depending on your screen. Please choose the skin tone based on your forearm. All skin tones will come slightly darker than the color wheel, because genitalia is always a couple shades darker than your forearm. Please choose your prosthetic color based on your actual skin tone. Please note that all prosthetic skin tones may vary a little because they are hand mixed. However, they are all relatively the same as you see them. 

These do not come with a rod. Please buy separately. 

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