• NEW Un-Cut: 4.5" Packer
  • NEW Un-Cut: 4.5" Packer
  • NEW Un-Cut: 4.5" Packer
  • NEW Un-Cut: 4.5" Packer

FreeToM Prosthetics

NEW Un-Cut: 4.5" Packer

NEW Un-Cut: 4.5" Packer

$ 97.00

Light Skin
Chay Ree
Warm Rosy Skin
Light Brown
Medium Skin
The Golden Beige
Olive Skin
Dark Brown
Warm Tan Skin
Dark Tan Skin
Dark Skin
Dark Chocolate


FreeToM Prosthetics is proud to introduce our NEW Un-Cut 4.5"  Packer! Not only is this prosthetic beautifully detailed, but it's also functional and comfortable to pack with. The Un-Cut Packer is molded off of a cis penis and captures every skin fold, every line and every goosebump that a cis penis would have. 
We offer a SOFTER and a NORMAL option for all our customer. When choosing the SOFTER option it will make sure that we make your prosthetic in a softer silicone. Normally we make our prosthetics out of this, but because we want to cause the least imperfections possible, we've chosen to make it less soft than our other models. Choosing the NORMAL version of this prosthetic will capture more detail and less imperfections all the way around. We recommend customers that are more concerned about detail to choose the NORMAL version, and customers who are more concerned about comfort to choose the SOFTER version. 
This version of the Un-cut is not an STP and will not come with the hollow backside.
Note:  This prosthetic has realistic features such as: skin folds, bumps on the testicles (normal) and realistic foreskin on the tip. Because this is so realistic and the skin is so thin, sometimes the skin on the prosthetic comes with tiny nicks here and there because of the realistic folding skin. It's nothing that will affect the aesthetics of the prosthetics and you would have to get up VERY close to see the slight nicks. The hand made nature of producing these prosthetics does cause slight teeny imperfections.

Pictures done with Chay-Ree

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