Re-Shipping: For Lost or Returned Orders
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Re-Shipping: For Lost or Returned Orders

What's happens if my order was sent to me, but then sent back to FreeToM?

Most orders are sent back to us because the address was not put into the checkout correctly, or because the carrier service could not find your home. If this happens, they usually leave you a note telling you that they have your mail at the carriers office and you have a certain amount of days to pick it up. If you do not pick up your order they will send it back to us.
If they could not find your address or if the address was not put into the checkout correctly, they will return it to us. If you did not receive your order because it was not able to be delivered, the carrier was not able to find the right address or you did not pick it up at the post office ect.: You will have to re-pay for shipping and select the "Re-Shipping" product you can find here. Because we do not offer refunds, it depends on the situation if your prosthetic will be eligible for a refund or not. Please purchase this product and checkout as usual. 
This does not happen often but does happen on occasion. We will hold onto your package for 60 days and then consider it surrendered if you do not have it re-shipped to another address or the same address. Please leave your order number in the comments at checkout so we know which order it is :)