Slight Imperfections: UN-CUT 4.5" Packer Snug Fit
Slight Imperfections: UN-CUT 4.5" Packer Snug Fit
$ 57.00

Slight Imperfections: UN-CUT 4.5" Packer Snug Fit

Not only is this prosthetic beautifully detailed, but it's also functional and comfortable to pack with. The back of the prosthetic is hollowed out perfectly to fit over your natural anatomy and inside underwear or packing underwear. The Un-Cut Packer is molded off of a cis penis and captures every skin fold, every line and every goosebump that a cis penis would have. 

Note:  This prosthetic has realistic features such as: skin folds, bumps on the testicles (normal) and realistic foreskin on the tip. Because this is so realistic and the skin is so thin, sometimes the skin on the prosthetic comes with tiny nicks here and there because of the realistic folding skin. It's nothing that will affect the aesthetics of the prosthetics and you would have to get up VERY close to see the slight nicks. The hand made nature of producing these prosthetics does cause slight teeny imperfections.

Pictures done with Blush

All products for sale in this section have Slight Imperfections that are BARELY noticeable and 100% functional. Because they are not defective for our clearance section and are slightly less perfect for our NEW items section, we have made our "Slight Imperfections" section

Slight Imperfections Items DO NOT COME WITH A ROD because they are so HIGHLY discounted. We could not afford these prosthetics at these prices otherwise. :(